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Lykov, Vladimir Mikhailovich

Лыков Владимир Михайлович

Born 1924, location unknown, USSR; died 1970, location unknown, USSR

Vladimir Mikhailovich Lykov was a Soviet painter and a graphic artist. He worked in Moscow for the majority of his career. The artist designed posters for the Military Publishing House of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. Some of his noted poster titles were: “Demobilized soldiers! Come to work on Virgin Lands!” (1956); “Vigilantly carry out guard duty!” (1958); "Take care of the Motherland, Soldier!" (1960), and "Always Be Vigilant and Everywhere!" (1960). Vladimir Mikhailovich Lykov became a member of the All-Union Art Exhibition in 1951. The artist is not to be confused the Russian artist of the same name that died in 2017.

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