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Mukharskii, Stepan Matveevich

Мухарский, Степан Матвеевич

Born circa 1895, Russian Empire; died February 9, 1926, Moscow, USSR

As an artist and the owner of a typography in Moscow, Stepan Matveevish Mukharskii was very familiar with poster design as well as the method of poster production. His self-produced posters and prints spanned the First World War to the mid-1920s. Some of his noted poster titles include: “Only commanders from the workers and peasants will lead the Red Army to final victory” (1918); “Tsarist soldiers. Soldiers of the Revolution” (1919), “Universal military training [Vseobuch] is the key to victory. Comrade! You must handle your gun as well as you handle your scythe!” (1919), “May 1st 1920” (1920). He often signed his art under the pseudonyms Graf I.T., Mukha, or as Fifi. After suffering from typhoid in 1926, Stepan Matveevish Mukharskii died in Moscow at the age of 31.

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