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Proletkult (Proletarian Culture) Studios

Пролетарская Культура (Пролеткульт)

Proletarskaia Kultura (Proletarian Culture) was known by its portmanteau name, Proletkult. Created in 1917 by Alexandr Bogdanov, director of the Socialist Academy of Social Sciences (SAON); Proletkult was to provide the foundations of a new, worker-based art form, "liberated from bourgeois, pre-Soviet culture." Proletkult's manifesto was simple: 1) proletarian culture equals communism, 2) Proletkult is the responsibility of the Russian Communist Party, 3) proletariat class equals the Russian Communist Party that equals Soviet power. Mass-production and machine art were also staples of the Proletkult ideal. While Bogdanov's brother-in-law was Anatolii Lunacharskii (head of the Ministry of Education), his connection did not afford Proletkult lasting influence. Following a consolidation of all independent artists' clubs and organizations in 1932, Proletkult was dismantled by the government. Bogdanov died in 1928 after performing a blood transfusion experiment on himself.

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