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Zabaluev, Stanislav Mikhailovich

Забалуев, Станислав Михайлович

Born September 30, 1928 in Kokand, Uzbekistan SSR; died October 10, 1964, Moscow, USSR

Stanislav Mikhailovich Zabaluev studied at the Savitskii Penza Artist School and Artist College from 1943 to 1948. After graduating, Zabaluev continued his artistic education at the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow (1948–1954) where he was under the tutelage of Mikhail Cheremnykh, a noted Russian/Soviet artist and poster designer. After graduation, Zabaluev worked at Izogiz Publishing where he designed posters.

At Izogiz he partnered with artists Igor Kominarets, Viacheslav Naryshkin and Vladimir Sachkov to collaborate on various poster designs. With Sachkov, the duo reportedly signed their posters using a pen name "Zabalsach". Zabaluev contributed illustrations to the newspapers Pravda and Rural Life and to the humor magazine Crocodile. In addition, he illustrated books for the Moscow book publishers Detgiz and Young Guard.

As a professional artist, Zabaluev participated in the Exhibition of Soviet Satire (1952) and his works were featured at the 3rd All-Union Exhibition of Diploma Works by Art Students of the USSR (1954), the Etching Exhibition (1959), and at the All-Union Poster Exhibition that same year. His work was exhibited in Canada in 1964 and a solo exhibition of his art was held in Moscow in 1969. Stanislav Mikhailovich Zabaluev was a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

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