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Cooperative Members. Start book partnerships in your societies! Establish book collections [in] reading houses, farm buildings! Help schools!!

Poster Number: PP 1179
Category: Industry
Poster Notes: Poster was issued by the Kiev SoRabKop, the Union of Workers’ Cooperatives (Soiuz rabochiikh kooperativov), a consumer cooperative that existed in Kiev during the 1920s.
Media Size: 24x17
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1924
Technical Information on Poster: Publication No. 24-2; D.U.D. No. 1011; 334.(47.71)(084)
Catalog Notes: PP 1179 Industry b
USSR Region: Ukrainian SSR
Language: Ukrainian
Artist: O.S. [Sakhnovskaia, Elena (Olena) Borisovna] — О.С. [Сахновская, Елена (Олена) Борисовна]
Elena Borisovna Sakhnovskaia was born in Kiev and grew-up in Ukraine. She studied at the Ukrainian State Academy of Arts under the tutelage of Mykhailo L’vovich Boichuk, a Ukrainian monumental painter. Sakhnovskaia continued her studies at the art studio of Mykhailo’s wife, Sofia Nalepinska-Boichuk (noted woodcut artist) and later, Sakhnovskaia went on to serve on faculty at the Kiev Art Institute. In 1919, she exhibited her work at the Red Army barracks in Kiev and ...
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Publisher: Sorabkop (Soviet Workers' and Peasants' Consumer Societies) — Сорабкоп (Союз рабочих и крестьянских обществ потребителей)
Sorabkop (Soviet Workers' and Peasants' Consumer Societies) was one of the largest cooperative societies formed in the USSR. Its history dates to 1922 when the All-Union Central Executive Committee issued a Decree concerning the "union network of consumer cooperatives in Ukraine". To form the network, a merger was brought about between a cadre of small, rural cooperatives. Sorabkop headquarters was based in Kiev and so the city benefited from having the largest cooperative in ...
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