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Drava March 6 – 22, 1945 [Your] national duty has been fulfilled.

Poster Number: PP 528
Category: World War II
Poster Notes: Drava (Drau in German) was a battle in Hungary fought by Soviet and Bulgarian forces against Hungarian and German forces from March 6 – 22, 1945. The battle was part of Germany's last major offensive. The German soldier is illustrated after having been presumably taken prisoner by the Soviets. His downed aircraft is in the background and he's carrying an MP-40 (Maschinenpistole 40) and two Stielhandgranaten (Stick grenades).
Media Size: 43.5x31.5
Poster Type: Offset
Publishing Date: c.1965
Catalog Notes: PP 528 World War II b
Language: Bulgarian
Artist: Angelushev, Boris — Ангелушев, Борис
Boris Angelushev was born into a family of teachers. Instead of following the path of educational instruction, he was admitted into the Academy of the Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. After winning a major art competition, he traveled to Berlin and enrolled in the Berlin Academy of Arts where he studied applied graphics and worked as a freelance artist. Starting in 1924, Angelushev supplied drawings and cartoons for leftist German newspapers. During this period he used the ...
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Printer: Dimitar Blagoev DPK (State Printing Plant), Sofia — Дмитрия Благоева ДПК (Государственная типография), София
The State Printing Plant (Dŭrzhavniyat poligraficheski kombinat, in Bulgarian) named for Dimitar Blagoev was located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Considered to be the founder of Bulgarian socialism, Dimitar Blagoev Nikolov (1856-1924) founded the Bulgarian Workers Social-Democratic Party and he authored numerous works on socialism.
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Publisher: State Military Publishing House MNO, Bulgaria — Военно издательский МНО, Болгария
The State Military Publishing House MNO (Ministry of National Defense) was the publishing arm of the defense ministry of the People's Republic of Bulgaria.
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