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From the Small Troops of Partisans to the Mighty Red Divisions

Poster Number: PP 252
Category: Civil War
Media Size: 46.5x31.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: c.1920
Sources & Citation: Soviet Posters of the era of the Civil War 1918-1921 by B. S. Butnik-Siverskii (1960), page 293, poster 1504
Catalog Notes: PP 252 Civil War b
Artist: L.V. — Л.В.
Artist signs poster with the initials L.V. A slight orthographic discrepancy exists regarding the initials of this artist whereby L.V. is at times cited (in English) as L.B. Research indicates the artist worked in the city of Kiev.
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Printer: Redizdat (Editorial and Publishing Department) — Редиздат (Редакционно-издательский отдел)
Redizdat (Editorial and Publishing Department) was established in 1921 by a decision of the Third Congress of the Communist International. It reported to the secretariat of the International’s Executive Committee. Redizdat was created to establish printing and publishing outlets in Soviet-controlled zones during the Russian Civil War. For example, the Ukrainian branch of Redizdat in concert with Narkomvoen (People's Commissariat for Military Affairs) printed over six million propaganda leaflets. By 1935, Redizdat was dissolved. In 1937, the en...
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Publisher: Narkomvoen (People's Commissariat for Military Affairs) — Наркомвоен
When the Bolsheviks took control of the government in 1917 they formed a Committee for Military Affairs to establish their military organization. Soon after, a formal reorganization of the nation's armed forces coincided with the dismantling of the War Ministry that had been part of the Russian Provisional Government prior to Bolshevik control. Staff loyal to the Imperial Russian and White Russian commands was "purged" and in their place, military "specialists" were ...
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