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NO to the Neutron Bomb!

Poster Number: PP 830
Category: Cold War
Poster Notes: While the Soviet Union had nuclear bomb capability (and conducted tests) as early as 1949; on November 22, 1955, they detonated their first "true" hydrogen bomb at the Semipalatinsk test site in northeast Kazakhstan. By official count, the Soviet Union conducted 715 nuclear tests.
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Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Publishing Date: 1978
Editorial Information: Editor A. Galkin; Artistic Editor Iu. Nemirov; Technical Editor L. Danilochkina
Technical Information on Poster: Format 60 x 90, 1 printed sheet, 1 standard printed sheet. Publication No. 4a-26, Offset printing/Offset paper No. 1, Order 8-1828; Price 10 kopeks
Glavlit Directory Number: A-12336
Catalog Notes: PP 830 Cold War b
Artist: Abramov, Mark Aleksandrovich — Абрамов, Марк Александрович
Born in Ukraine when it was part of the Russian Empire, Mark Aleksandrovich Abramov studied at the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute (MISI) from 1931 to 1936. Along with his brother, he published cartoons under the pseudonym Moa and they appeared in periodicals such as Ateist [Atheist], Rabochaia Moskva [Working Moscow] and Bezbozhnik [The Godless]. In 1932, his drawings appeared under his name in magazines and newspapers including, Krokodil  [Crocodile], Znamia [Banner] and Sovetskaia Zhenshchina [Soviet Woman]....
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Printer: Sotsialistichna Kharkivshchina Publishing, Typography Workshop —
The printer, Sotsialistichna Kharkivshchina (Socialistic Kharkov Region), is also the name of a local newspaper.
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Publisher: Plakat (All-Union Poster), Moscow — Плакат
Plakat (All-Union Poster) was created in 1974 in Moscow through the work of the Union of Artists and the Central Committee of the Communist Party. The chief of its poster department was Dmitry Akimovich Isaev. Plakat publishers existed until 1991 whereupon it was renamed Panorama publishers.
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