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Defending the homeland is the sacred duty of every citizen of the USSR /Constitution of the USSR, Article 133/

Poster Number: PP 096
Category: Military
Media Size: 44.5x33
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1938
Editorial Information: Editor-In-Chief K. Zav’ialov; Technical Editor P. Umanskii
Technical Information on Poster: [Printed/Published in] Tashkent-1938; Order No. 41; Price 1 ruble, 50 kopeks
Glavlit Directory Number: 7410. Uzlit, Uzbekistan section of Glavlit.
Catalog Notes: PP 096 Military
Artist: Cheprakov, Konstantin Pavlovich — Чепраков, Константин Павлович
Printer: NKMP Uzpoligrafkombinat Lithography Workshop, Uzbekistan — НКМП Узполиграфкомбинат
This workshop printed jobs for the NKMP (People's Commissariat of Local Industry) and the workshop was managed under the state-owned trust of Uzpoligrafkombinat (Uzbek Printing Plant).
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Publisher: Publisher not indicated —