You, Worker! You must vote for your party class, the Communist Party. [Above the list of names on right side] Candidates of the working class [At lower bottom] Argentinean Section of the Communist International. United States 1828

Poster Number: PP 560
Category: International
Poster Notes: Poster is in Spanish language. While this poster was produced in Argentina, its central design is from the 1920 Dmitry Moor (Soviet) poster "What Have You Done For the Front?"
Media Size: 31.5x23
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: c.1931
Technical Information on Poster: An ink stamp on the poster indicates it was "Remitted by the South American Secretary of the Communist International"
Catalog Notes: PP 560 International
Artist: Artist Unknown — неизвестный художник

The artist's name on the poster is not indicated. By assigning Artist Unknown to a poster it also could mean the artist used a chop mark whereby no signature is seen thus rendering the artist's identity anonymous.

Printer: Printer not indicated —
Publisher: Publisher not indicated —