A deserter never arrives alone: He hauls the Old Regime with him everywhere he goes. Struggle against desertion as [you would] against the bitterest enemy.

Poster Number: PP 562
Category: Agriculture
Media Size: 27x18
Poster Type: Lithograph and Offset
Publishing Date: c.1920
Catalog Notes: PP 562 Civil War b
Artist: Sh.L. — Ш.Л.
Printer: Printer not indicated —
Publisher: Political Department of the Reserve Army of the Republic and PUOKR, Volga Region — Политотдела запаснои армий республики и (ПУОКР) Приволжького

A Red Army publisher based in the Volga Region that distributed material for the Reserve Armies of the Republic (of Russia) and PUOKR (Politichestkoi Upravlenie Voyennogo Okruga), the Political Directorate of the Military District. The district headquarters was located in the city of Kazan.