Be prepared to be drafted into the Red Army. Organize Socialist competition and shock-work in military training.

Poster Number: PP 649
Category: Military
Poster Notes: This poster is framed.
Media Size: 44.5x31.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: c.1930
Technical Information on Poster: [illegible] Iz….. No. 1898 ….. 36.
Glavlit Directory Number: 962. Lenoblaslit, Leningrad regional section of Glavlit
Catalog Notes: PP 649 Military (framed)
Artist: Artist Unknown — неизвестный художник

The artist's name on the poster is not indicated. By assigning Artist Unknown to a poster it also could mean the artist used a chop mark whereby no signature is seen thus rendering the artist's identity anonymous.

Publisher: IzoGiz (State Publishing House of Fine Art), Moscow —

Izogiz was the fine arts section of Ogiz publishing. In 1963, Izogiz was re-named Sovetskii khudozhnik, "Soviet Artist".