The Air Fleet -- Synonymous with the Defense of the Republic and of your Labor. SIBLET

Poster Number: PP 806
Category: Military
Poster Notes: SIBLET was the Siberian Branch of the Friends of Air Fleet Society. It was formed in 1923 and operated under this name until 1925 when it was merged into the “Union of Societies of Friends of Aviation and Chemical Defense and Chemical Industry of the USSR", or Dobrokhim. This poster likely was published in 1923 for the general meeting in Novonikolaevsk of the founders of SIBLET.
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Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: c. 1923
Technical Information on Poster: Order Number 2161.
Glavlit Directory Number: 1675.
Sources & Citation: Mercer and Middlesex Auctions LLC publication, 2014; Pesterev, V. I. (1997) Khronika aviatsii Iakytii 1921-1987: v trekh chastiakh Novosibirsk, Ecor.
Catalog Notes: PP 806 Military b
Artist: M — М