Long Live the People’s Front!

Poster Number: PP 813
Poster Notes: Poster is in Hungarian language. In October 1954, the Hungarian Independent People's Front was changed into the Patriotic People's Front.
Poster Type: Offset
Publishing Date: c. 1953
Technical Information on Poster: Accountable [Printing] Manager, Gyula Pomayer
Catalog Notes: PP 813 Comecon-Warsaw Pact
Artist: Konecsni, Gyorgy, (Konecsni, György) — Конечни, Дьёрдь
Printer: Offset Printing House, Budapest —

The Offset Printing House was a state-owned printer located in Budapest, Hungary.

Publisher: National Committee of the Hungarian Independent People's Front —

The Hungarian Independent People's Front replaced the National Independence Front to establish a joint list for the 1949 Hungarian elections. On May 15, 1949, the Hungarian Independent People's front received ninety-six percent of the vote. Although the People's Front included members from other political parties, its core leadership were Hungarian Communist Party members and so the People's Front became a vehicle to eliminate the remaining political parties in Hungary.