“The power of 5 million” A traveling exhibition of the FDGB Exhibition Hall -- City Museum from April 4 to 10, 1949. Daily 2pm to 7pm.

Poster Number: PP 886
Poster Notes: Poster is in German language.
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Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1948
Technical Information on Poster: B-21 4/150 157. A 45185 2304. Hansa Printing, Berlin SO 36 VIII/44 . [Issued by] Plakat Kunst (Poster Art), Berlin.
Sources & Citation: Confino, A. (2006). Germany as a culture of remembrance: Promises and limits of writing history. Chapel Hill, N.C: University of North Carolina Press; Nachrichtenblatt der Gesellschaft der Bibliophilen (1989). Wandelhalle der Bücherfreunde. Munich, e.V. Neue Folge 31.
Catalog Notes: PP 886 Comecon-Warsaw Pact
Artist: Meier, Werner — Мейер, Вернер

Werner Meier was a Munch-based artist. Very few sources carry information about his personal history or past works.

Publisher: Federal Board of the Free German Trade Union Federation —

The Free German Trade Union Federation (Freier Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, FDGB) was the most significant mass organization in East Germany in terms of membership (over five million) and in terms of its power. The Federation was the only national trade union permitted in East Germany and it existed from 1946 until 1990 when East Germany was brought into the west. In addition to the FDGB being a trade union, it was a constituent member of the National Front of the German Democratic Republic (GDR/DDR), an alliance of political parties controlled by the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED), East Germany's ruling political party.