The ideas of Leninism are triumphing!

Poster Number: PP 906
Category: Lenin
Media Size: 41x30.5
Poster Type: Offset
Publishing Date: 1961
Editorial Information: Editor M. Sergeeva
Technical Information on Poster: [Approved] 24 January 1961; Publication No. 1–626; Size 1 large sheet; Order 35; Price 10 kopeks
Glavlit Directory Number: A01521
Catalog Notes: PP 906 Lenin
Artist: Grinshtein, Isaak Khaskelevich — Гринштейн, Исаак Хаскелевич

Grinshtein, Isaak Khaskelevich
Гринштейн Исаак Хаскелевич
Born 1909 Bobrynets', Elisavetgrad, Russian Empire; died Moscow, 1966

Printer: Kalinin City Poligrafkombinat of Sovnarkhoz of the RSFSR, Kalinin —

The Poligrafkombinat (printing plant) of Kalinin was the printer for Sovnarkhoz RSFSR (Regional Council of National Economy of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic) and it was located in the city of Kalinin (now, Tver) northwest of Moscow. The printer was situated in Kalinin at 5 Lenin Avenue (formerly Voroshilov Street).

Publisher: IzoGiz (State Publishing House of Fine Art), Moscow —

Izogiz was the fine arts section of Ogiz publishing. In 1963, Izogiz was re-named Sovetskii khudozhnik, "Soviet Artist".