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We Raised our Army in Battles

Poster Number: PP 1088
Category: Military
Poster Notes: Surrounding soldier are key battles of the Red Army starting with the October Revolution (at top) followed by (in the middle) what appears to be the Battle of Stalingrad during World War II followed by the Battle of Kursk (at right) and at the bottom, the capture of Berlin during 1945.
Media Size: 33x24
Poster Type: Offset
Publishing Date: 1958
Editorial Information: Editor G. Shchetkin
Technical Information on Poster: [Approved] September 6, 1957; Publication No. 1-678; Volume 1 large sheet of paper; Order No. 3018; Price 1 ruble
Glavlit Directory Number: Sh 09033
Catalog Notes: PP 1088 Military c
Artist: Golovanov, Leonid Fedorovich — Голованов, Леонид Федорович
Printer: Krasnii Proletarii (Red Proletarian), Moscow — Красный Пролетарий, Москва
The Krasnii Proletarii Workshop originated under the ownership of Ivan Kushnerev, a Russian entrepreneur who founded the Kushnerev & Company Printing Shop in 1869 in Moscow. When Kushnerev died in 1896, his printing operation was one of the largest in Imperial Russia. In 1919, the printer was nationalized by the Soviets and consigned to the Printing Section of the Moscow Economic Council (MSNKh). Around 1920, it was placed under the Poligrafkiniga (Book and Magazine Printing) Trust and was given ...
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Publisher: IzoGiz (State Publishing House of Fine Art), Moscow — Изогиз (Государственное издательство изобразительного искусства), Москва
The history of IzoGiz begins with the formation of Ogiz, the Association of the State Book and Magazine Publishers. In 1930, the Sovnarkom of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic established Ogiz to centralize publishing under a monopoly in order to eliminate duplication of printed material, to streamline and control publishing production and its output, and to create a base for marketing books, training and technical manuals. In 1931, the Central Committee of the USSR ordered certain ...
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