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Spindulio (Radius) Press, Kaunas

Спиндулио, Каунас

Founded in 1928 via the merger of Švyturios [Lighthouse] and State printing houses; Spindulio (Radius) Press served as a contract printer for the Ministry of Finance of Lithuania. In its early years, Spindulio operated out of the Švyturios headquarters, and the periodicals Lietuvos Aidas [Lithuanian Echo] and Tautos Balsas [Voice of the Nation] were printed there. Spindulio also operated an office and plant in Vilnius. During the German occupation of Lithuania (1941-1945), a portion of Ryto [Morning] printing was re-located to the Spindulio plant in Kaunas. Following the Soviet incursion into Lithuania in 1940, Spindulio was nationalized and other minor printing operators were attached to it. During the Soviet-era, the periodicals Darbo Lietuva [Lithuanian Labor] and Komjaunimo tiesa [Komsomol Truth/Pravda] were printed at Spindulio. In the early 1950s, the printing house was accorded the name Karolis Poželas in honor of the executed Lithuanian communist leader. Over the course of the Soviet-era, the offset printing and paper plant of "Giedra” [Serenity] was affiliated with Poželas printing. Following the dissolution of the USSR, the printing house regained the name Spindulio. In 2006 the company constructed a new printing house, and in 2009 it filed for bankruptcy.

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