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Typolithography of Knizhnoe Delo (Book Business) Joint-Stock Company, Khabarovsk

Типо-литография акционерного общества Книжное дело, Хабаровск

Located in Khabarovsk in Far Eastern Russia, the Typolithography of Knizhnoe Delo (Book Business) printed material for the Joint-Stock Company of Knizhnoe Delo. In October 1923 in Khabarovsk, Knizhnoe Delo was formed, and its creation was based on the existing state publishing entity of Goskniga (State Book Enterprise).

Sources & Citations

Chernyi, A.K. (1977). Khabrovskii krai, 1917-1977: Sversheniia, perspektivy. Khabarovsk: Khabarovskoe Knizhnoe Izdatel'stvo. (p. 180, reorganization as Far Eastern State Book Publishing House) (date of formation of Knizhnoe Delo) (existence dates 1923-1931)