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Malysh (Kid) Publishing House, Moscow


The history of Malysh Publishing House in Moscow begins with the foundation of the largest children's book publishing house in the Soviet Union, Detskaya Literatura (Children's Literature) or, Detgiz as it was abbreviated. Developed in 1933, Detgiz published books for youths aged two to seventeen. In 1957 Detskii Mir (Children's World) was formed out of Detgiz. In 1964, Detsky Mir was reorganized and came under new management. During reorganization, the name of the firm changed to Malysh (Kid) Publishing and its target audience were children under nine years of age. At the time, the firm was lauded for having the best Soviet writers and illustrators. Malysh distributed children's books to Canada, Austria, Afghanistan, India and other nations. Books were published in Russian for national use but also for the Eastern Bloc nations such as Czechoslovakia and Poland. By 1991, Malysh was deemed "the second-largest publishing house" in the Soviet Union.

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