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Népszava (People’s Voice) Publishing

Издательство Народное слово

Népszava (People’s Voice) was a newspaper published in Hungary. Its origins date to 1877 when it was formed as a center-left periodical catering to social democrats. When a coalition government came to power in Hungary in 1945, the press was reorganized. While government controls were initiated over the press; Népszava was granted authority to continue its operations. In 1948, another press reorganization led to Népszava becoming an organ for the trade unions. In 1972, the paper’s subscriptions reached over 200,000. Following the 1990 collapse of the People’s Republic of Hungary, Népszava was privatized and sold. The paper struggled to gain subscribers during the 2000s and was sold to the Swiss-based Marquard Média in 2016.

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