Priboi (Surf) Workers' Publishing House, Leningrad

Рабочее Издательство „ ПРИБОЙ ", Ленинград

Priboi was an early Bolshevik publishing house founded in St. Petersburg in 1912. It was located on Krasnii Komandirov (Red Commander) Avenue, formerly Izmailovskii Avenue. Priboi initially published literature on social insurance for workers but after becoming a publishing house of the Central Committee of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, it began turning out propaganda on the labor movement. Works by Vladimir Lenin were also published by Priboi and Lenin reportedly considered the publisher "the official Bolshevik press". In the 1920s, the State Typography Workshop named for Evgenii Sokolov in Leningrad became a contract printer for Priboi and subsequently, the two entities shared the same address in the city. Priboi, along with early Bolshevik publishers Volna (Wave) and Zhizn' i znanie (Life and knowledge), merged into the "Kommunist" publishing house.

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