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For peace, for our 5-year plan! Vote for the People's Front!

Poster Number: PP 827
Poster Notes: Poster was issued by the Hungarian People's Front of Independence and was likely made for the 1949 municipal elections in Hungary.
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Poster Type: Offset
Publishing Date: c. 1949
Catalog Notes: PP 827 Comecon-Warsaw Pact
Language: Hungarian
Artist: Ek, Sandor (Ék, Sándor) — Эк, Шандор
Sandor Ek was born Alex Keil in a small village in the Austro Hungarian Empire. He worked as a graphic artist and poster designer in his native Hungary but also worked and lived in Austria, Germany and in the Soviet Union during periods of his life. Early-on, Ek became a member of the Hungarian Communist Party. He studied at arts schools run by the Hungarian painter and communist, Béla Uitz, and by József Ne...
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Printer: Szikra (Spark) Press and Publishing House, Budapest —
Szikra (Spark) Press and Publishing was located at 10 Honvéd Street in Budapest, Hungary. It served as the main literature and propaganda communicator for the Hungarian Communist Party. Formed in 1944, Szikra’s infrastructure was developed via the nationalization of the Pallas and Stádium printers in the town of Szeged. When the publisher moved its headquarters to Budapest, it occupied the former Catholic Publishing Company offices. During Szikra’s early years of development, Hungarian publisher Imre C...
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Publisher: Hungarian Independent People's Front of the National Committee — Венгерский независимый народный фронт, (НФНФ)
The Hungarian Independent People's Front replaced the National Independence Front in order to establish a joint list for the 1949 Hungarian national elections. On May 15, 1949, the People's Front received ninety-six percent of the popular vote. Although the People's Front included members from other political parties, its core leadership were Hungarian Communists motivated on eliminating the remaining (non-communist) political factions within Hungary. In October 1954, the People's Front was reorganized as the Patriotic People's Front, and again it ...
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