For peace, for our 5-year plan! Vote for the People's Front!

Poster Number: PP 827
Poster Notes: Poster is in Hungarian language. The work was likely used for the 1949 municipal elections in Hungary.
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Poster Type: Offset
Publishing Date: c. 1949
Catalog Notes: PP 827 Comecon-Warsaw Pact
Artist: Ek, Sandor (Ék, Sándor) — Эк, Шандор

Sandor Ek was born Alex Keil in a small village in the Austro Hungarian Empire. He worked as a graphic artist and poster designer in his native Hungary but also worked and lived in Austria, Germany and in the Soviet Union during periods of his life. Early-on, Ek became a member of the Hungarian Communist Party at a young age. He studied at arts schools run by Béla Uitz, a Hungarian painter and communist activist, and by József Nemes-Lampérth, a Hungarian artist and proponent of the avant-garde.

Printer: Szikra (Spark) Printing House, Budapest —

Szikra Printing House was located at 10 Honvéd Street in Budapest, Hungary. It was the main printer for literature and propaganda produced by the Hungarian Communist Party.