The Deserter Thinks: “I’ll show them my heels! Even if they find me, I’ll hide away somehow. I’m sick of this war stuff!” The White General: “Stop! Where are you going? Don’t want to fight? March against the reds, you’ll do some fighting for me, I’ll make use of rogues like you!”

Poster Number: PP 1002
Category: Civil War
Poster Notes: The language of the deserter mimics colloquial peasant speech while the White General's words imply that a Red Army deserter will be pressed by the Whites into fighting against the Reds.
Media Size: 27x19.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1919
Catalog Notes: PP 1002 Civil War c
Artist: Deni (Denisov), Viktor Nikolaevich — Дени (Денисов), Виктор Николаевич

Although known for his characterizations and posters that he signed with the pseudonym 'Deni'; Viktor Nikolayevich Denisov never received formal artistic education. Around 1906, Deni began exhibiting at the annual exhibitions of the Society of Independents in Saint Petersburg, as well as at the Salon of Humorists. In 1910, he took private lessons in painting and drawing from the artist-portraitist Nikolai P. Ulianov and that same year, he became active in the field of political caricature, contributing satirical drawings to such journals as Budil'nik [Alarm Clock], Satiricon, Solntse Rossii [Russian Sun], Pulemet [Machine Gun], Knut [Whip], while contributing to the newspaper Golos Moskvy [Voice of Moscow].   After the October Revolution of 1917, Deni worked for Litizdat (State Publishing House). During the early post-Revolutionary period, he lived in Kazan' and produced his first posters there while continuing to work on political caricatures for a myriad of Soviet journals.  Upon his return to Moscow in 1920, he contributed to the ROSTA (Russian Telegraph Agency) Windows studio creating posters for the collective.   By 1921, his caricatures appeared in newspapers, including the main Soviet news organ Pravda [Truth].  His posters were included in a number of high-profile exhibitions such as Krasnaia armia [Red Army] (1923) and Raboty na revoliutsionnye i sovetskie temy [Works of Revolutionary and Soviet Themes] (1930). He also exhibited works at international fairs in Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, and Amsterdam, and he was an exhibitor at the International Poster Exhibition in Liege (1932). In 1932, Deni was awarded the title of Honored Worker of the Arts of the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic.

Printer: Headquarters of the Reserve Armies of the Republic — Штаба Запасной Армий Республики

Each Soviet republic had a military commissariats in charge of troops within its constituency. This typolithography was operated by the Commissariat of Army Reserves for the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, (RSFSR).

Publisher: Political Department of the Reserve Army of the Republic and PUOKR, Volga Region — Политотдела запаснои армий республики и (ПУОКР) Приволжького

A Red Army publisher based in the Volga Region that distributed material for the Reserve Armies of the Republic (of Russia) and PUOKR (Politichestkoi Upravlenie Voyennogo Okruga), the Political Directorate of the Military District. The district headquarters was located in the city of Kazan.