[On the top] The place where cooperation is not respected [On the bottom] The place where cooperation works.

Poster Number: PP 774
Category: Industry
Poster Notes:

[On the left-hand store sign at top panel]
Goods of Merchant (Kupets) E.P. Gorlanov

[On the right-hand store sign at top panel] Grain Silo

[On the left-hand store sign at bottom panel]
Consumer Association

[On the green roof at bottom panel]
Storage of the Cooperative

[On the right side at bottom panel]
The House of Reading

Media Size: 45х31.5
Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: c.1924
Glavlit Directory Number: 62951
Catalog Notes: PP 774 Industry b
Artist: Fester, I. — Фестер, И.
Printer: Typolithography Workshop of Geokartprom V.T.U. (Millitary Topographic Directorate) —

In 1918, the Soviets nationalized the Moscow-based printing workshop at 9 Bol'shaia Polianka Street (later named Soviet Street) belonging to brothers Wilhelm Theodor Mehnert and Herman Julius Mehnert. The building housing the workshop was founded by Julius Kirsten in the 1890s.

Publisher: Tsentrosoiuz (Central Union of Consumers' Societies) — Центросоюз

MSPO (Moscow Central Union of Consumers' Societies) was established in 1898. It gained significant membership throughout Imperial Russia after 1907. After reorganization by the Soviet government, MSPO became an association of unions and its name was changed to the Central Union of Consumers' Societies-- Tsentrosoiuz. In May 1921, Tsentrosoiuz became the single government agency responsible for distribution of wholesale consumer goods in the country.