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Cossack, Your Only Path is with Laboring Russia. [Partial translation]

Poster Number: PP 866
Category: Civil War
Poster Notes: The artist uses an image of a Russian bogatyr or knight who must take a side in the civil war. Here, the Red Army is propagated as the best choice. This poster was likely issued at the same time as Kazak, which side are you on? Ours or theirs? (see PP 125 in the collection) and Kazak, you defeated Tsars and Boyars. Drive the Boyarina into the Black Sea! (see PP 131 in the collection), two other posters by Dmitrii Moor.
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Poster Type: Lithograph
Publishing Date: 1920
Technical Information on Poster: RVTs (Passed by Military Censor) No. 231, Moscow
Sources & Citation: Mercer and Middlesex Auction catalog: April 2013
Catalog Notes: PP 866 Civil War b
Artist: Moor (Orlov), Dmitrii Stakhievich — Моор (Орлов), Дмитрий Стахиевич
Dmitrii Stakhievich Moor (birth surname Orlov) was born into the family of a mining engineer and did not receive formal artistic education. After moving to Moscow in 1898, and between 1902 and 1906, he actively participated in the city’s revolutionary movement, specifically taking part in the failed 1905 Revolution. While working at the Anatolii Mamontov printing shop, he submitted his drawings to periodicals. In 1908, he began to publish his cartoons in satirical journals, namely in Budil'nik [Alarm Clock]. Wh...
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Printer: MSNKh 2nd Typography-Lithography Workshop (formerly Mashistov), Moscow — 2-я типолитография МСНХ, (бывш. Машистова), Москва
Ivan Mikhailovich Mashistov (1851-1914) was founder and managing director of Mashistov Typolithography at 23 Bol'shaia Sadovaia Street in Moscow. His company printed magazines, historical books, and during the First World War, the firm printed and published patriotic posters. Under the Soviet government, Mashistov's printing business was nationalized, re-named the 15th Lithographic Workshop, and was placed under the MSNKh (Moscow Council of National Economy). This printer was also under the MGSNKh (Moscow City Council of National Economy).
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Publisher: Litizdat (Literary and Publishing Department of the Political Directorate of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic) — Литиздат (Литературно-издательский отдел политического управления РВСР)
Litizdat (Literaturno-izdatel'skii otdel politicheskogo upravleniia RVSR) was established in June 1919 by order of the Department of the Political Directorate (PUR) of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic (RVSR). A formal decree approved its existence in October that year. Due to the hierarchy of Litizdat's formation, its title is often abbreviated as Litizdat PUR RVSR on publications it issued. As the main publishing arm for the Red Army and the Red Navy, Litizdat distributed a ...
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