Exhibition of the History of Revolutionary Struggles. Prague, Liberation Monument, May-August 1949

Poster Number: PP 968
Poster Notes: Poster is in Czech language; In background, the ancient shield reads: "Do not be daunted by your enemies". The exhibition mentioned on the poster was likely at Vítkov Hill in Prague where a monument to the Soviet liberation of Czechoslovakia once stood.
Media Size: 39.5x26
Poster Type: Offset
Sources & Citation: Aulich, J., & Sylvestrová, M. (1999). Political posters in Central and Eastern Europe, 1945-1995: Signs of the times. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
Catalog Notes: PP 968 Comecon-Warsaw Pact
Artist: Cumpelik, Jan (Čumpelík, Jan) — Чумпелика, Яна

In 1947, the American newspaper editor and publisher Leo Lerner characterized Jan Cumpelik as “a powerful contemporary painter”. While Cumpelik was a classically trained artist, by the late 1940s his work was fashioned under the influence of Soviet mandates and similar in tone to art being created by Josef Broz, Alena Čermáková and, other Eastern European contemporaries.

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