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Número de Cartel: PP 940
Tamaño: 32.5x22.5
Tipo de cartel: Lithograph
Fecha de publicación: c. 1918
Información técnica: Narkompros Moscow, 9 Dead Lane (today Nikitskii Lane)
Información en el catálogo: PP 940 Education & Literacy
Artista: Kupreianov, Nikolai Nikolaevich — Купреянов, Николай Николаевич
Artista: Kupreianova, Natalia Sergeevna Iznar — Куприянова, Наталья Сергеевна Изнар
Imprenta: Printer not indicated —
Editorial: Narkompros (People’s Commissariat for Education) — Наркомпрос
The People's Commissariat for Education (Narkompros) was formed in 1918 and it encompassed the former Imperial Ministry of Public Education, the State Education Committee, and the former Palace Ministry (an entity that managed theaters, the Academy of Arts and the royal palaces). Overseeing Narkompros was the All-Russian Central Executive Committee (VTsIK). As the main educational branch of the government, Narkompros carried out a compliment of programs such as the combating of illiteracy, professional education, adult education, ...
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