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Número de Cartel: PP 467
Tamaño: 39.5x28
Tipo de cartel: Litografía y Offset
Fecha de publicación: 1961
Editores: Editor G.I. Katasonov; Aristic Editor A.I. Karasov
Información técnica: Approved for printing October 17, 1961; Publication No. 1672 p. Moscow, 1961; Paper format 60 x 92; Order No. 1092; Price 10 kopeks
Número de Glavlit: G73222
En el catologo: PP 467 Military b
Artista: Chudov, Iurii Nikolaevich — Чудов, Юрий Николаевич
Iurii Nikolaevich Chudov was a Soviet graphic artist and a cartoonist. He lived and worked chiefly in Moscow for the bulk of his career.  In 1950, Chudov graduated from the Moscow Higher Art and Industrial School.  While still a student, he created a label for the port wine “777”, a popular spirit made in Kuban, Russia. Chudov began exhibiting his work professionally in 1951. Some of Chudov’s poster titles include: “Do speed skating!” ...
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Imprenta: Offset Printing Plant of the UVI MO, [Moscow] — Фабрика офсетной печати УВИ МО, [Москва]
The Offset Printing Plant of the UVI (Department of Military Publishing) and MO (Ministry of Defense) was based in Moscow. While the UVI MO had its own publishing and printing sections; its printing plant also handled the literature output of Voenizdat (Military Publishers) of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR.
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Editorial: Voenizdat (Military Publishers) — Воениздат
Voenizdat (Military Publishers) was the Military Publishing House of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR (voennoe izdatelstvo). Established in Moscow in 1919; Voenizdat published literature for the defense industry such as technical manuals and dictionaries. It also published posters, pamphlets and fiction and non-fiction literature frequently containing military themes. Voenizdat's predecessor was Litizdat, the publishing arm of the Revolutionary Military Soviet.
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