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1917 – 1951 ¡Viva el 34º Aniversario de la Revolución Socialista del Gran Octubre!

Número de Cartel: PP 211
Tamaño: 29.5x23
Tipo de cartel: Offset
Fecha de publicación: 1951
Editores: Editor M. Ioffe.
Información técnica: Publication No. 9676. Approved for printing September 7, 1951. Volume 1/2 sheet of paper. Order 1118. Price 50 kopeks.
Número de Glavlit: A07704.
En el catologo: PP 211 Revolution b
Artista: Ivanov, Konstantin Konstantinovich — Иванов, Константин Константинович
Konstantin Konstantinovich Ivanov received his initial art instruction from his father, the noted graphic artist Konstantin L. Ivanov. Formal instruction began in 1933 when Konstantin Konstantinovich attended an art school in Leningrad. It was from that point on that he dedicated his life to graphic design. During World War II, Konstantin Ivanov served on the front line while contributing to posters designed by the TASS (Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union) Studios. In 1949, he began professionally ...
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Artista: El'tsufen, Mikhail Isaakovich — Эльцуфен, Михаил Исаакович
Imprenta: Iskra Revolutsii (Revolutionary Spark) Typography Workshop, Moscow — Типография Искра революции, Москва
Iskra Revolutsii was a Moscow printer that was also known as the 15th Iskra Revolutsii Typography Workshop. Over the decades, the printer was under a host of printing trusts such as Soiuzpoligrafprom (All-Union Association of Printing Enterprises) that handed jobs for the state publisher Glavizdat (Main Administration of Publishing Houses, Printing Industry and Book Trade). Iskra Revolutsii was also managed by Glavpoligrafizdat (Main Administration for Matters of Polygraphic Industry Publishing and Book Selling), a trust ...
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Editorial: Iskusstvo (Art Publishing House), Moscow — Искусство, Москва
Iskusstvo was the Art Publishing House (A.K.A. Visual Arts Publishing) that was created in 1936 from Ogiz-Izogiz (State Art and Literature Publishing House). It disseminated books and journals dealing with graphic design and the fine arts, and it issued numerous posters. Since the Iskusstvo banner was part of the State Printing Works in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and Moscow, its two main offices were located in those two cities.
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