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Sólo el Ejército Rojo nos dará pan. [Panel superior] Denikin entró en Járkov y Ekaterinoslav. No hay pan ni en Moscú ni en Petrogrado. [Panel inferior] Según avanza el Ejército Rojo, hay más y más pan en la Rusia soviética”

Número de Cartel: PP 428
Información sobre el cartel: Printed on the margin it reads, "Whoever removes or covers over this poster commits a counter-revolutionary act."
Tamaño: 32x25
Tipo de cartel: Lithograph
Fecha de publicación: c.1919
Información técnica: No. 23
Fuentes: Soviet Posters of the era of the Civil War 1918-1921 by B.S. Butnik-Siverskii (1960), page 329, poster 1846; Russian Revolutionary Posters by V. Polonskii (1925), page 147, poster 340
Información en el catálogo: PP 428 Civil War b
Artista: Pomanskii, Nikolai Nikolaevich — Поманский, Николай Николаевич
Nikolai Nikolaevich Pomanskii was chiefly recognized as a landscape and portrait artist but he also worked in the graphic arts designing political posters. Pomanskii received his art education at the Moscow Stroganov Institute of Art where he graduated in 1904. He obtained further artistic education at the workshops of Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin and Sergei Vasilievich Ivanov. Pomanskii left Russia to study at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, and in 1908, he returned to Russia and ...
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Imprenta: Bumpoligraftrust (Paper and Printing Trust) — Бумполиграфтрест (Бумажно-Полиграфический трест)
Bumpoligraftrust (Bumazhno-Poligrafcheskii trest) was formed in 1922 as paper and printing trust in the city of Viatka located east of Moscow. In addition to the printing houses it oversaw, the trust encompassed four paper mills. In 1934, the city of Viatka was renamed "Kirov" in honor of Sergei Mironovich Kirov (1886-1934), deceased Communist Party leader of Leningrad. The city was re-named Viatka after the fall of the USSR.
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Editorial: Litizdat (Literary and Publishing Department of the Political Directorate of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic) — Литиздат
Litizdat (Literaturno-izdatel'skii otdel politicheskogo upravleniia RVSR) was established in June 1919 by order of the Department of the Political Directorate (PUR) of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic (RVSR). A formal decree approved its existence in October that year. Due to the hierarchy of Litizdat's formation, its title is often abbreviated as Litizdat PUR RVSR on publications it issued. As the main publishing arm for the Red Army and the Red Navy, Litizdat distributed a ...
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