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Antonchenko, Anatolii Antonovich

Антонченко, Анатолий Антонович

Born August 8, 1912, Gomel’ Region (Dobrush), Russian Empire; died presumably in Moscow, USSR

Anatolii Antonovich Antonchenko was a Soviet graphic artist. Prior to the Second World War, he worked in the artistic department for advertising artists of the All-Union Chamber of Commerce. After the war, the artist was a designer for the state company "Intourist", and he elaborated a number of advertising posters for them such as "Visit the USSR" (1958). In addition, Antonchenko designed packaging for Krasnii Oktiabr' (Red October) Confectionery in Moscow. From the 1950s to the 1970s, he was a designer for Izogiz Publishing House. For posters he designed, his artistic style tended to be sketch-oriented. Antonchenko designed the following poster titles: “Money for a trip to a resort can be saved in a savings bank” (1951), “Athletes, fight for new successes in work and in sports” (1953), “Glory to the valiant Soviet Navy” (1953), “Long live the 37th anniversary of October!” (1954), "The 300th anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine with Russia" (1954), "Long live our mighty Motherland - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!" (1955), "Glory to the Soviet Motherland!" (1957), "With the holiday of Great October!" (1959), "Happy March 8th!" (1961), and others. Anatolii Antonovich Antonchenko was a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. The artist is buried at Kuntsevo Cemetery in Moscow.

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