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Belopol'skii, Boris Naumovich

Белопольский, Борис Наумович

Born 1909, Kharkov, Russian Empire; died 1978, Moscow, USSR

Boris Naumovich Belopol'skii was a multi-talented artist. While his chief concentration was in graphic art, Belopol'skii was also known as a painter and a monumentalist. A 1928 graduate of the Kharkov Art Institute, he lived in Kharkov until 1941 whereupon he moved to Moscow. During the 1930s the artist began designing posters. His artistic style incorporated photomontage and illustrative realism. Belopol’skii designed posters for Iskusstvo (Art) Publishing House whereby he generated a significant number of titles covering politics and agriculture. Outside of poster design, Belopol'skii created decorative murals, including a set for the pavilion of the Ukrainian SSR at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow.


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