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Belotsvetova, Tat'iana Fedorovna

Белоцветова, Татьяна Федоровна

Born January 9, 1902, (location unknown), Russian Empire; died (location unknown), USSR

Tat'iana Fedorovna Belotsvetova was a Leningad-based artist. While limited information is available about her education and private life; Belotsvetova's design work was developed during her years as a staff artist with various state publishing houses in the USSR. Some of Belotsvetova’s noted posters from the Second World War are: “The Enemy Must Not Take us by Surprise” (1942), “Fighters of Self-Defense Groups of MPVO! [Local Air Defense] Vigilantly Guard our City from Enemy Incendiary Bombs" (1942) and, "Let's Save our City from Fascist Arsonists!" (1943). After the war, Tat'iana Belotsvetova designed an array of public safety posters. She was also skilled in the art of scientific illustration and lent her talents to that field of work. Belotsvetova was a member of the Leningrad Society of Bookplate Artists (LOE) and she was associated with the Leningrad Society of Bibliophiles (LOB).


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