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Bri-Bein, Maria Feliksova

Бри-Бейн, Мария Феликсовна

Born 1892, Odessa, Russian Empire; died 1971, Moscow, USSR

Maria Feliksovna Bri-Bein was a Soviet graphic artist. Between 1910 and 1915, Bri-Bein received her artistic training at the Odessa College of Art under the tutelage of Kiriak Kostandi, a noted Ukrainian painter and an art scholar. In 1924, Bri-Bein continued her arts training in Moscow under the supervision of Ilya Mashkov, the noted Russian painter of still life and portraiture. From 1917 to 1919, Maria Bri-Bein was a member of TIURKH (Association of Southern Russian Artists) and she was also a member of AKhRR (Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia) from 1926 to 1932. Bri-Bein began to exhibit her work professionally in 1917. Starting in 1930, she designed political posters. Her 1932 poster Narody SSSR (Peoples of the USSR) won first prize at the exhibition Ten Years Without Lenin (1934, Moscow) in the competition held by Izogiz State Publishing House.


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