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Gorbunov (Esin), Petr Afanas'evich

Горбунов (Есин), Петр Афанасьевич

Born 1891, Govorkino, (Stavropol Province?) Russian Empire, 1891; died 1968, Leningrad, USSR

From 1927 to 1930, Petr Gorbunov attended Vkhutein (Higher Artistic-Technical Institute), formerly the Imperial Academy of Arts. Gorbunov began to exhibit professionally in 1936 and created the paintings Lenin's Speech at a Finnish Train Station (1934; Novosibirsk Painting Gallery) and Partisans (1945), among others. In addition to historical paintings, Gorbunov produced a number of portraits. As graphic artist, he designed the posters Let's Transform the War with Imperialism into Civil War! (1917) and Did You Contribute to the Reconstruction of Leningrad? (1945). Petr Gorbunov became a member of the Communist Party in 1917.


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