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Hagverdiyev, Hassan

Хагвердиев, Хасан

Born July 20, 1917, Transcaucasian Region, Imperial Russia; died August 19, 1978, (location unknown), Azerbaijan SSR?

Azerbaijani artist Hasan Hagverdiyev was a prominent representative of the Azerbaijani school of painting. From an early age he displayed advanced skill in drawing. Following high school, Hagverdiyev enrolled in art college in Baku, Azerbaijan. He was considered a multifaceted artist who used different techniques and styles and was able to work in a myriad of mediums including painting, graphic design, illustration and theatrical scenery elaboration. Poster art appears to have been more of a sideline for the artist since the majority of his career was focused on painting and portraiture. In October 2017 in Baku, Azerbaijan, a 100th anniversary exhibition was held in his honor. His son, Husein Hagverdiyev, is a noted Azerbaijani contemporary artist of the 21st century.


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