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Kogout, Nikolai Nikolaevich

Когоут, Николай Николаевич

Born 1891 Russian Empire, (location unknown); died 1959, (location unknown)

Nikolai Nikolaevich Kogout was one of the preeminent artists of the poster genre during Russia's early revolutionary period. In 1913, Kogout graduated from the Stroganov Central School of Industrial Art in Moscow and subsequently attended VKhUTEMAS [Higher Art and Technical Studios]. He contributed works to the seventh exhibition of the art group L'Araignée and exhibited at Galerie Devambe in Paris in 1925. During the Russian Civil War, Kogout designed posters from 1918 to 1920 for Revvoensovet, the propaganda department of the Red Army. He also created illustrations for the journals Bezbozhnik u stanka [Godless at the Workbench] and Daesh' [Give]. During the Second World War, Kogout designed posters for the TASS (Soviet Telegraph Agency) Studios. After the war, he designed caricature and humor-based political posters for AgitPlakat, a workshop and artist collective. A hallmark of his work is that he signed his posters with the initials KOG.

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