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Kondrashkin, V.I.

Кондрашкин, В. И.

There is little published information available on the artist V.I. Kondrashkin. The artist is documented as having designed books and posters according to sources published from the Soviet-era. Furthermore, there is indication that the artist was either from Novosibirsk, Russia or principally worked there. The artist is not to be confused with Viktor Ivanovich Kondrashkin (pen name V. Kanin) who was the author of the 1959 book, “Boy in the Caucasus” (Mal’chik na Kavkaze).


Lisovskii, K., et al. (1957). Poeziia Sibiri, 1917-1957 gg. Novosibirsk: Novosibirskoe knizhnoe izdatel’stvo. (artist V.I. Kondrashkin is cited as the illustrator) (artist V.I. Kondrashkin cited as illustrator of 1948 book published by Ogiz-Novosibgiz)