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Poroshin, Ivan Sergeevich

Порошин, Иван Сергеевич

Born 1891, location unknown, Russian Empire; died 1969, presumably Moscow, USSR

Ivan Sergeevich Poroshin had a prolific career in the arts as a painter, a graphic artist, and as a photographer. Early in his life, Poroshin lived in Kharkov, Ukraine where he studied at the Kharkov School of Drawing and Painting. The majority of his adult career was spent in Moscow. He collaborated with the publishing house Knigospilka (All-Ukrainian Cooperative Book Merchandising and Publishing Union), and he designed numerous works dedicated to the advancement of mass art. In 1941, during the Second World War, Ivan Poroshin and his wife were evacuated to Barnaul, Siberia. Beyond his graphic design work, Poroshin was engaged in easel painting and landscapes. His most noted works are the paintings “Bypassing the Flank” (c. 1942) that centers on a wartime theme, and “On the Ob” (1959) depicting a pier on the Ob River in Siberia.


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