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Pioneros y niños en edad escolar, es necesario ayudar a las cooperativas de consumidores a distribuir libros en el pueblo

Número de Cartel: PP 1010
Información sobre el cartel:

[On book pages]:
“In hours of work or of leisure, a book is [your] best friend.”
“The book peddler helps the party in the struggle for the new way of living [novyi byt’].”
“The book peddling carries books to the collective and state farms.”
“Book-peddling is not a campaign [i.e. something temporary], but an ongoing task.”
“The village Pioneer is an exemplar in book peddling.”
“The book-carrier not only sells books, he [sic.] carries out informational and political-education work.”
“With books and knowledge against religion, in place of vodka – books and newspapers into every peasant home”.

Tamaño: 36x26.5
Tipo de cartel: Litografía
Fecha de publicación: 1930
Información técnica: Approved for printing April 11, 1930; Order No. 957; Price, Free of Charge
Número de Glavlit: 1037 Dal'krailit, Eastern Territory office of Glavlit
Fuentes: Zonalʹnyi sovet bibliotek Dalʹnego Vostoka., & Khabarovskaia kraevaia nauchnaia biblioteka. (1997). Vremia i sobytiia Ukazatelʹ-kalendarʹ po Dalʹnemu Vostoku nagod. Khabarovsk: Khabarovskaya krasivaya nauch. biblio. (P. 43)
En el catologo: PP 1010 Youth
Artista: Sudomora, Okhrim Ivanovich — Судомора, Охрим Иванович
Imprenta: 5th Typolithography Workshop, Khabarovsk — 5-я типолитография, Хабаровск
Little historical information is available on the 5th Typolithography Workshop in Khabarovsk. According published sources from the Soviet-era, during the mid-1950s, the 5th Typolithography was under the management of Gostatizdat (State Statistical Publishing House). The city of Khabarovsk is in Far Eastern Russia, and the printer was situated at 45 Lеv Tolstoi Street.
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Editorial: Dalkraisoiuz (Far-Eastern Territories Union of Consumer Societies) — Далькрайсоюз
This publisher produced literature and information specific to Eastern Russia. The publisher was in existence during the 1920s. Geographically, from 1926 to 1938, the Far Eastern Region of the USSR was a province known as Dal'nevostnochi krai or Dalkrai in its abbreviated format.
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