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Subscribe to Pathway to Health for 1927. A monthly worker-peasant magazine dedicated to issues of healthcare and medicine. [Partial translation]

Número de Cartel: PP 1137
Información sobre el cartel: "Pathway to Health" was a publication in the Ukrainian SSR.
Tamaño: 42x30
Tipo de cartel: Litografía
Fecha de publicación: 1927
Información técnica: Order No. 4.518
Número de Glavlit: 4.5658-b (21033) Ukrgolovlit, city section of Glavlit in Kharkov, Ukraine
En el catologo: PP 1137 Communist Culture c
Región de la URSS: RSS de Ucrania
Artista: Raplan, L. — Раплан, Л.
Imprenta: Kiev-Druk Trust Typography Printing House, Kiev — Tипография Киев-Друк Трест, Киев
Kiev-Druk (i.e. Kiev-Printing) was a major typographic firm in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from the 1920s to the 1930s. It turned out printed materials including books and posters. While its offices were located at 19 Lenin Boulevard in Kiev, the trust managed several Kiev-based printers and had satellite departments around the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.
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Editorial: Scientific Thought Publishing House, Kharkov — Издательство Научная Мысль, Харьков
Scientific Thought Publishing House was located at 14 Pushkin Street in Kharkov, Ukrainian SSR. According to research, the publisher was formed in November 1922 as an organ of the Editorial and Publishing Commission of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In 1927, it became the publishing arm of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. In 1964, the publisher assumed the name "Scientific Thought" (Naukova dumka). Historically, Scientific Thought has been the preeminent academic publishing house in Ukraine. It ...
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