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¡Mujeres campesinas de las granjas colectivas, mujeres obreras! A ocupar el lugar en la primera línea del poderoso movimiento Stakhanovite.

Número de Cartel: PP 458
Información sobre el cartel: Poster is in Ukrainian language. [On the red banner is a quotation by Stalin] "Women in collective farms are a great power." [On the medal] TsIK-SSSR V.S.F.K. (Central Executive Committee of the USSR All-Russian Soviet of Physical Culture). The Stakhanovite movement was a popular (yet spurious) incentive program that cultivated workers to become model laborers in high speed production.
Tamaño: 42x28.5
Tipo de cartel: Litografía
Fecha de publicación: 1936
Editores: Editor A. Kashirin; Technical Editor S. Shubin
Información técnica: Submitted for production April 7, 1936; Approved for printing April 13, 1936; Order No. 329
Número de Glavlit: 1688
En el catologo: PP 458 Women
Región de la URSS: RSS de Ucrania
Idioma: Ucraniano
Artista: Parkhet, Petr Panteleimovich — Пархет, Петр Пантелеймонович
Petr Panteleimovich Parkhet not only was a graphic designer but he was also a well-known art professor. Parkhet taught at the Odessa Art Institute and Art College. Parkhet also was known for his historical paintings, including expansive battle scenes. He was influenced by the art of the monumental artist Mikhail Boichuk, a talented figure who combined modern art with Ukrainian visual vernacular. Under the leadership of Boichuk, in 1931, he decorated the walls of the House ...
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Artista: Muchnik — Мучник (Мучнік)
Imprenta: Chromolit Lithography Workshop named for Comrade Dzerzhinskii, Kharkov — Хромолит Типо-литография имени т. Дзержинского, Харьков
Located in Kharkov in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic; the Chromolit Lithography was named in honor of Feliks Edmundovich Dzerzhinskii (1877-1926) who was head of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission (VChK) internal police who were commonly referred to as the “Cheka”. During its history, the printer was also named the 1st Chromolit Lithography and it was overseen by the printing trust UPKPT (Management of Production and Technical Equipment).
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Editorial: Mistetstvo (Art Publishing House), Ukrainian SSR — Мистецтво (Искусство издательство Госкомиздата УССР)
Mistetstvo (Art Publishing House) was founded in Kharkov (Ukrainian SSR) between 1932-'34. It moved to Kiev in 1935. The publisher's chief output comprised of posters, portraits, artistic monographs and sheet music.
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