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Chromolit Lithography Workshop, Leningrad

Литография Хромолит, Ленинград

The Chromolit Lithography Workshop of Leningrad was located at 6 Demidov Lane. It was housed in a complex once used as a transit prison that had been reconstructed into an arts school in 1896. In 1952, Demidov Lane was renamed in honor of Aleksandr Ivanovich Grivtsov, a military participant in the defense of Leningrad during World War II. Chromolit was a worker's cooperative developed for or by members connected to the printing trade.

Fuentes Художественно-ремесленные мастерские Общества поощрения художеств (Location of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts cited) (bio of Aleksandr Ivanovich Grivtsov)