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Kommunist Printing House, Tallinn

Типография Коммунист, Таллинн

Kommunist Printing House (Trükikoda Kommunist in Estonian) was a state-owned entity in the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic. It disseminated political literature and ephemera in addition to printing books. Located in the city of Tallinn, Kommunist Printing was situated at 2 Pikk Street. Prior to the Soviet Union’s incorporation of Estonia into the USSR, the printer served the Tallinn Estonian Publishing Company. The printer’s year of foundation is recorded as 1908 -- according to one Soviet-era published source. After being nationalized by the Soviets (around 1940), the printer was briefly given the name State Typography (Riigi Trükikoda). By the early 1950s, it was named Kommunist Printing House. In the mid-1980s, its facilities were taken over by Ühiselu (Community) Printing, and in 2002, Community was integrated into Reusner Publishing.


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