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Krasnoe Znamia (Red Banner) Typography Workshop, Moscow

Типография Красное знамя, Москва

The Krasnoe Znamia (Red Banner) Typography was located in a multi-level building in Moscow at 21 Sushchevskaia Street. In addition to printing posters, it printed the youth-oriented periodicals Pioneer Pravda, Komsomol Life, and other newspapers and journals.


(1960) Sputnik komsomol'skogo aktivista zapisiaia knizhka. Moskva: Molodaia gvardiia. (p. 236, Pioneer Pravda, Komsomol Life cited) (Pioneer Pravda and Krasnoe Znamia cited)
dmitry-sasin.livejournal (current description of 21 Sushchevskaia Street)