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Szikra (Spark) Press and Publishing House, Budapest

Szikra (Spark) Press and Publishing was located at 10 Honvéd Street in Budapest, Hungary. It served as the main literature and propaganda communicator for the Hungarian Communist Party. Formed in 1944, Szikra’s infrastructure was developed via the nationalization of the Pallas and Stádium printers in the town of Szeged. When the publisher moved its headquarters to Budapest, it occupied the former Catholic Publishing Company offices. During Szikra’s early years of development, Hungarian publisher Imre Cserépfalvi initiated its operations but he ultimately quit the post to form Corvina Publishing. Szikra became the largest publisher and printer in Hungary despite periods where it teetered on insolvency and suffered from mis-management. Overall, it survived its precarious origins owing to the fact that its political and personnel affairs were supervised by János Kádár who was Minister of the Interior and later, the General Secretary of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party.


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