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Trudovoi Lithography [Worker’s Cooperative], Leningrad

Литография Трудовой [артель], Ленинград

Trudovoi (Labor) Lithography was a print cooperative based in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) at 14 Kovenskii Lane. Prior to it being nationalized by the Soviets, the firm belonged to the journalist and publisher Sergei Emel'ianovich Dobrodeev (1846-1910) and his family. Historically, Dobrodeev's firm extended back to the 1880s. It employed a staff of 250 and it also maintained a printing school. The firm printed the literary journal Syn Otechestva (Son of the Fatherland) and it served as editor and publisher of the magazine Zhivopisnoe obozrenie (Picturesque Review).


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