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Aeroflot Editorial-Publication Department

Аэрофлот. Редакционно-издательский отдел

Aeroflot (air fleet) was the USSR's commercial air provider and it also happened to be the largest airline company in the world prior to the USSR's political demise in 1991. Commercial air travel in the USSR initiated in 1923 when the Sovnarkom approved the expansion of the Red Air Fleet. Thereafter, the Enterprise for Friends of the Air Fleet (ODVF) was formed and it was followed by the creation of Dobrolet (Russian Society of Air Fleet Volunteers). Dobrolet later became the nation's first civil air carrier until 1932 when Aeroflot was accorded the rights. By 1935, Aeroflot was carrying 110,000 passengers annually. In 1956, it began the world's first sustained jet service with flights from Moscow to Irkutsk using a Tupolev (Tu-104) aircraft.


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